Experience the best-in-class and latest games brought to you exclusively by GameGarage!


With the upcoming resurgence of board games, GameGarage brings to you some of the most popular, strategic and fun board games at your house or in your parties! We have lots of board game experts who can advice you on the next best game to play and host your parties and give them a unique theme!

Game Garage

We have board games for adults (and a few to keep the kids busy). The games take anywhere from 15 mins – 1 hour to complete. Each game comes with an instruction manual to understand the rules and we are always available to help you out!

Call us and talk to us about our offerings. We are cool people who LOVE board games and would love to play with you if you’re short of companions! We can also rent you the board games depending on your requirements.

Call us @ 9821556757/9820119091

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